Thursday, October 05, 2006

Terrorists and terrorism

Terrorism against CubaI think that I must make a parenthesis and remember something on this subject, besides to clarify the use of these words nowadays. The next October 6, will be commemorated 30 years of one of but the bloody and ruthless committed terrorist acts in Latin America: the blast of the Cuban airplane of Cuban aviation in front of the coasts of Barbados, taking with itself 73 passengers on board -not being the only assignment against Cuba or another called country “ally of the socialism”. Unlike other assignments in different parts of world, where it is not known for sure that have committed it as well as of their organizers; in this case until declarations that themselves made to journalists have been published. That ignites our blood; knowledge that the assassins walk breaking whichever laws exist and they are protected by other hypocrites who say to fight against the terrorism. How much the judgment of Carriles has lasted in El Paso, Texas; that in the end only they are going to process him for breaking the migratory laws of EE.UU and not by the blast of an airplane, the murder of 73 passengers who travelled in it and by the overwhelming amount of criminal material that registers the CIA respect to him in its archives of investigation? Ahh… but when is about Cuban that is in charge to stop acts as these they not doubt, jails them and borders in the first jail of security which they have, impose sentences to them of life imprisonment and they do not let them see to their family, history of the Five Cuban prisoners in North American jails. If the terrorists commit crimes that are agree to them then they do not call them terrorists and they support them in his cause, after all the deads are not the rich industrialists who become rich with the wars or their children. The terrorism is not good of any point that is watched; when people die or they are putting in danger is an act that deserves hate and justice to the assassin that commits it.
Don’t you think so?

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